Service & Maintenance

Our experienced mechanics are highly experienced and are familiar with majority of bikes’ manufactures if not all. If you require a maintenance service, we provide two following services.


Service Items 

General Service 

Full Service 

 Oil & Oil Filter change    
 Tiers check    
 Brake oil check    
 Brake check    
 Bulbs check    
 Air filter    
 Spark Plug(s)    
 35-Point check    
 Battery check    


Motorbikes are designed well and manufactures are constantly improving the safety, performance and life of their motorbikes hence many modern bikes tend to have a very long service interval as result of that. In order to achieve the maximum safety, performance and well-being of your bike, you need to make sure that it is maintained and serviced regularly. If you think about the old proverb "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" which still holds, it's absolutely essential to focus on the ‘ain't broke’ part and not become complacent.

These services & maintenances are either time or distance dependent whichever is sooner. As far as the maintenance is concerned there are two types of maintenances. Owner maintenance i.e. you need to do it daily or whenever you use the bike and we would happily do the second one for you. Different bikes would have different service schedules but the following table give you some ideas what it should be done on a typical bike. You bike user-manual would be the best place to find out the time/millage for services schedules.


Type of services 

Daily/ Weekly Owner

1 month /250 miles

3 month /2,500 miles

6 month /5,000 miles

12 month /10,000 miles

  • -  Lights, indicators and horn
  • -  Speedometer
  • -  Tires and tire pressures
  • -  Fluid levels - oil and coolant
  • -  Chain
  • -  Steering
  • -  Brakes
  • -  Check spark plugs
  • -  Check control cables
  • -  Check Idle speed
  • -  Lubricate control lever pivots
  • -  Change oil & filter
  • -  Change air filter
  • -  Check wheel and steering
  • -  Check exhaust system
  • -  Adjust carburetor sync.
  • -  Check overflow pipes
  • -  Replace spark plugs
  • -  Check suspension linkages



If you think it is time for your bike to be services please call us on 0208 346 9000 to make an appointment. Let’s your bike age gracefully!